People. Our most valuable asset.

The performance and competence of our employees are a central part of the success of our company. Based on the education and further education of employees, we increase the knowledge standard in our company, we support the personal growth of employees, we provide them with adequate information and suitable working conditions.


Experts with valid certificates 111,135,136,141-6,141-8
Orbital welder
Metal welders weld various blanks and components using various welding techniques.

Pipe fitters

Fitters of sewer, water and gas pipelines- pipe fitters set up, install and repair maintenance and gas facilities and networks.


Building locksmiths make construction locksmith elements and ensure their installation and repair.


metal preparers and erectors, they assemble construction and repair steel buildings and bridges..
Their role is to oversee the work of assemblers.

Programmers of CNC machines

Their task is to develop new programs for products and production samples, to make repairs programs and drawings. They cooperate in the smooth running of production, developed deviation from the existing drawings, make technological schemes and also pursue and implement innovations in programming.

Other jobs

  • painter work
  • window work
  • plasterboard work
  • electrical work
  • carpentry work
  • furniture work
  • ancillary works

Company details

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