Our realization

Our guarantee is quality, professional work and a reasonable price.

From our teams of qualified project managers and staff, to our approach and the detailed processes that make it all possible.

In terms of quality and profitability we engage in the implementation of our orders in addition to its own competences and resources and selected a proven subcontractors and suppliers.

Pipeline works

Meyer Burger Gmbh
ROCHE diagnostics gmbh
ZETA Gmbh, Lieboch
INRA group ag
muttenz Switzerland
Infineon, Villach
Novartis Switzerland
UCB Pharma SA
Takeda Austria Gmbh, Linz
Octapharma Pharmazeurika
AVL Group, graz

Company details

COME WORKS s. r.o.
IČO: 51230143
DIČ: 2120640093
Levice 5829, 934 01 Levice

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