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We're not just building structures;
We're erecting the future.

As a leading international construction company, we pride ourselves on supplying top-tier construction projects with the finest quality staff. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has propelled us to the forefront of the construction industry, making us the go-to partner for projects demanding precision, expertise, and reliability.

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Expertise That Speaks Volumes

We cooperate only with experts in the respective industries, which means that we guarantee quality and professional and timely execution of our work. Whether they are experts in assembly and maintenance work, or welding, the priority is the professional implementation of all orders.

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Why cooperate with COME WORKS?

Experienced Professionals

Our team is our strength. We bring together experts with vast experience and specialized skills to deliver outstanding results.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our priority. We adhere to international standards in all our services, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our work.

International projects

Our team is our strength. We bring together experts with vast experience and specialized skills to deliver outstanding results.


Presentation of global construction excellence

At COME WORKS, our portfolio of projects stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence in the international construction landscape. From the foundational beams of infrastructure to the cutting-edge integration of automated systems, our projects reflect the depth of our expertise and the breadth of our capabilities. Dive into our diverse range of projects and discover how we’re not just constructing buildings; we’re shaping the future of construction.

Vienna Schwechat Office Park 4

Administrative building at the Airport of Vienna.


Untertürkheim, DE

Meyer Burger GmbH


Sankt Pölten, AT



Novartis, Switzerland


Terminal 3

Vienna Schwechat Airport
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Are you preparing for a new project?

Let's build something great together!

Join forces with COME WORKS and bring unparalleled expertise, innovation, and reliability to your next construction project. Whether it’s welding, assembly, piping work, ventilated facades, or automation, we’re here to build the extraordinary.

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Our Services

Services offered by COME WORKS:

At COME WORKS, we provide a comprehensive suite of construction services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our international clientele. Our dedication to quality, combined with our expertise in specialized construction disciplines, positions us as a leading partner for projects of any scale. Discover our range of services designed to bring precision, efficiency, and innovation to your construction projects.

Assembly work

Precision is paramount in our assembly work projects. Whether it's assembling the skeleton of a new commercial complex or the intricate framework of industrial machinery, COME WORKS delivers precision and excellence.

Welding work

Our welding projects underscore the precision and skill of our internationally certified welding experts. At COME WORKS, we take pride in our ability to tackle complex welding challenges, ensuring structural integrity and durability in every weld.

Steel constructions

Steel construction is at the heart of modern infrastructure. Our expertise encompasses the entire process, from design and fabrication to erection, ensuring every steel structure is built for longevity, sustainability, and impact.


Specializing in automation, we integrate cutting-edge technology into our construction projects, optimizing operations, reducing costs, and enhancing safety.

Ventilated Facades

We specialize in ventilated facades, combining aesthetics, energy efficiency, and durability. Our innovative approach to facade construction not only enhances building appearance but also significantly improves thermal performance, creating healthier, more comfortable indoor environments.

Excavation works

Our excavation works service sets the stage for construction projects that stand the test of time. Utilizing the latest technology and methods, our skilled professionals ensure that every excavation job is executed with precision and efficiency.